The Transmission Business School 2016 Testimonials

• Excellent mix of technical, financial, policy and market topics.
• High quality and comprehensive range of presentations and discussions.
• Great course, very informative with a great pace. I would highly recommend it to my colleagues and staff.
• From a relevancy perspective, the whole program was excellent!
• The School provided me with a broad background on policy and market concepts that I lacked.
• I really enjoyed participating in TBS. As someone new to transmission policy, the School provided a comprehensive overview of the U.S. transmission systems, issues we are facing, and how regionally or by utility we are considering approaches to those issues. I liked the broad overviews of the different markets, particularly the ISOs.
• Great diversity in presentations. Really went the extra mile to make students comfortable and welcome: whether it was the food, time to interact with students, or doing that ballerina dance.
• Enjoyed the variety of topics and hearing from a variety of industry professionals.
• Great experience. Good mix of technical, financial, policy/regulatory and market topics. The presenters were dynamic and engaging. Learned a lot.

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