A comprehensive picture of where the industry is headed
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Benefits and Knowledge



  • A thorough grounding in the basics of power systems, including power flow concepts on a nontechnical level;
  • A sound grasp of the fundamentals of electricity and power system planning, operations, control and economics;
  • A good understanding of the fundamentals of transmission services
  • A comprehensive picture of where the industry is headed and how it will get there;
  • A thorough appreciation of the need for incentives for transmission investments;
  • An essential comprehension of the role of transmission in a greener environment; and
  • Insights into successful experiences in transmission business around the world. 


  • The industry language and acronyms;
  • The centrality of the role of transmission in competitive electricity markets;
  • The fundamental interaction of physics and markets;
  • The critical challenges faced by today’s electricity business players;
  • The role of incentives in the expansion of the power system;
  • The overriding need for reliability; 
  • Interactions between bulk and distribution grids' operators; and
  • Models of transmission business structures in use in different countries.


  • About the unbundling of transmission services;
  • The critical role of transmission and ancillary services;
  • The effective use of risk management mechanisms;
  • The interrelationships between reliability and markets;
  • The nature of a cascading blackout; and
  • The realization of the smart grid. 


  • With some of the leading practitioners and authorities in the industry; and
  • With the participants and learn how they solve problems in their organizations and jurisdictions; and
  • With the new professionals in the electric power industry.
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