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June 17-21, 2024
Chicago, Illinois

The dynamic forces of competitive energy supply unleashed by FERC Orders No. 888, 889, and 2000 and the many recent initiatives and decisions have led to dramatic changes in the electricity industry. The mega-blackout of August 14, 2003 reenforced the criticality of transmission in ensuring the reliability of the nation’s electricity supply. The numerous sweeping changes of the EPACT 2005 and of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act are extensively impacting the energy infrastructure, in general, and the transmission grid, in particular. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has brought new focus on the implementation of the smart grid and the integration of renewable resources. There is starting to develop a consensus in the industry on the critical need to stimulate transmission investment to modernize the aging grid and to integrate the increasing penetration of renewable resources. FERC’s Order 1000 is a key development in that direction and additional developments are expected to follow to spur on the big transmission build-out to become reality. The deepening penetrations of renewable resources has unleashed the wider deployment of energy storage resources. FERC Order 841 removes the barriers to the energy storage resource participation in electricity markets. To ground interested industry participants in the essential aspects of this rapidly evolving industry, the updated version of the top-rated Transmission Business School, the leading training offering in the electricity industry, will be given in Chicago in 2024. The School provides an unparalleled training opportunity to the power industry professionals in your organization to gain the skills and knowledge to manage the many challenges and opportunities of the changing business.



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