The critical role of transmission and ancillary services

JUNE 17-21, 2024

The dynamic forces of competitive energy supply unleashed by FERC Orders No. 888, 889 and 1000 and the many recent initiatives and decisions have led to dramatic changes in the electricity industry. The mega-blackout of August 14, 2003 reenforced the criticality of transmission in ensuring the reliability of the nation's electricity supply. The many sweeping changes of the EPACT of 2005 impact the energy infrastructure, in general, and the transmission grid, in particular. To ground interested industry participants in the essential aspects of this rapidly evolving industry,the updated 2024 version of the top-rated Transmission Business School is offered in June 2024 in Chicago.

Taught by leading industry practitioners, who present key aspects of the most important challenges faced by the industry, the Transmission Business School will introduce you to all of the major issues being discussed today, as well as the industry basics, to prepare you for those debates. 

Transmission Business School

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