The critical role of transmission and ancillary services

The Transmission Business School Testimonials

The School was wonderful; I learned so much; was well worth the money, great presenters. Love George!

Wonderful job!

Thank you for a great learning opportunity.

Overall, great seminar with lots of timely information.

I’ll definitely recommend this course to others. The speakers were amazing. I see why people come to the course every year.

Well organized, great food, I learned a ton. Great experience overall.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the course.

Great overview of the industry.

I have really enjoyed the classes. Lots of useful information.

Overall a very good experience. The industry is changing enough that return trips may be justifiable.

I have been in the industry 29 years and exposed previously to most of the topics. There were golden nuggets of information/insight throughout the course. It was time well-spent.

The School allowed me to have a complete vision of how the American electricity market works in all its aspects.

Great variety of organizations attend the course and present. I was pleasantly surprised with the diversity of people’s jobs attending this course (legal, economics, engineers, etc.)

The Transmission Business School was exquisite! I absolutely adored the experience!

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The Transmission Business School Testimonials

The School surpassed my expectation.  I’m very happy and pleased to have the opportunity to participate and network with other participants.

As an individual new to this industry I found this School to be an amazing experience.  I was presented with a level of knowledge that I would not have been exposed to at work that has really helped me to understand the industry as a whole.  All the presenters were great and presented the material in an easy to understand fashion.  While some of the material was a bit over my heard (due to being new to the industry) it was generally presented in a way that allowed me to understand the nuts and bolts.

Thank you for offering this School.  The variety of speakers/topics was extremely helpful and kept me engaged.  I really enjoyed our kick off day (day one) and thought it set the stage perfectly.  I would definitely recommend this class to engineers and non-engineers at my company.

This has been an amazing class!  As an engineer who recently moved to transmission, I learned a lot.  Thank you!

The School was an outstanding experience.

I am so glad my company made the investment to send me to this class.  I will be sure to spread the word on how useful I found this training.

This course was well executed.  Thank you for providing such great speakers.

I found all of the lectures informative and believe the course overall was fantastic and will contribute to my understanding and success at my company.

It was a great experience to attend TBS.  For attendees like me who only know a small piece of the industry, the School provides a broad view of the industry.

All around, this was a great conference that I will recommend to others.

Nice job with event planning, very well organized training, friendly staff, good selection of delicious food, clean

The structure of the classes built well on itself; the presentations led well into each other.

The presenters were knowledgeable and engaging.

The lectures were very good.  I would recommend this to others in the transmission business.

All was great!

I’m really glad I could attend the School.

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The Transmission Business School Testimonials

Excellent course, I will be sending additional folks in the future.
This is one of the best courses I’ve attended on understanding markets and what may be coming on the horizon. Thank you!
Excellent mix of presenters—all very knowledgeable
The quality of speakers was outstanding, repetition was helpful, and depth of topics was just right.
Very good mix of topics presented for a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, good mix of financial/technical/legal information
It was valuable to get different perspectives from industry experts/academics about the transmission business.
I’m a brand new person in the energy sector so the subject/scope of TBS was a perfect start for me. It helped to understand key basic issues and get familiar with more complex ones as well. Thanks for everything.
Awesome job!
Overall, great experience
Great macro overview with some current issue (hot topic) discussions interspersed which I appreciate.
The sessions were taught by knowledgeable speakers, very professional course.

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