The Transmission Business School Testimonials

The School was wonderful; I learned so much; was well worth the money, great presenters. Love George!

Wonderful job!

Thank you for a great learning opportunity.

Overall, great seminar with lots of timely information.

I’ll definitely recommend this course to others. The speakers were amazing. I see why people come to the course every year.

Well organized, great food, I learned a ton. Great experience overall.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the course.

Great overview of the industry.

I have really enjoyed the classes. Lots of useful information.

Overall a very good experience. The industry is changing enough that return trips may be justifiable.

I have been in the industry 29 years and exposed previously to most of the topics. There were golden nuggets of information/insight throughout the course. It was time well-spent.

The School allowed me to have a complete vision of how the American electricity market works in all its aspects.

Great variety of organizations attend the course and present. I was pleasantly surprised with the diversity of people’s jobs attending this course (legal, economics, engineers, etc.)

The Transmission Business School was exquisite! I absolutely adored the experience!

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